Ciro Energy is Pune based company engaged in Research and Development, Production, Sales and providing Engineering Services in the field of Electrical Energy Conservation.

We extend tailor made energy conservation solutions to our customers after acquiring and analyzing the existing energy consumption pattern. Our company is equipped with advanced production facilities with latest test and measuring instruments. We have young and energetic management team and well qualified technical team for production line. We keep on improving management level and product quality to meet our customer satisfaction.

In an attempt to implement Energy Saving and to reduce Carbon Emission, Ciro Energy has developed latest technology LED Lighting products. Our constant interactions with world class technologies enable our customers to be at par with international standards. We provide our own full-service installation and maintenance of LED products.

LED Lighting is the future of lighting technology. We provide wide range of LED Lighting solutions to suit customer’s requirement. We cover all applications, whether single spot light or wide area ambient lighting, indoor or outdoor lighting, stationary or mobile uses. Our lighting solutions provide maximum lighting efficiency and lifetime with minimum heat generation.

Advantages of Products :-

High lumen per watt output –up to 120 lumen per watt
Reduces Energy consumption, thus reducing operating costs.
Long life - better than 50,000 Hrs.
Low maintenance cost.
 Reliability & Other Benefits
No glass, No filament.
Encapsulated in unbreakable high strength optics.
Available in different color temperatures.
Small and compact size.
 Environmental Friendly
Low energy, low power requirement.
Great energy savings achieved.
Low heat generation.
Lower energy consumption decreases: CO2, SO2 emissions
Works at low voltages
No flames and noxious fumes
No ultraviolet radiations
Free from mercury.
 Replacement Conventional Lamps With Energy Saving LED Lamps
  Conventional lamps       Replacement by LED   Conventional lamps  Replacement by LED
18 W  CFL 6W 150 W   HPS  48 W
36/40 W  Tube 12 to 16 W 250 W   HPS  72W
70 W HPS 30 to 36 W 400 W   Metal halide 96 W